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During this year's harvest festival, the main event is the grand vegetable jousting tourney! Cooks from around the country must use freshly harvested produce to create a vegetable knight, and only the best of them will emerge victorious!

In this game, you have to combine different ingredients in the kitchen to create your own knight and send them into battle. Gather intel on your opponent and choose the right ingredients to win each battle and become the next grand champion!


To create your knight, drop 3 ingredients in the cauldron and press "cook".

To ensure a glorious victory, you will have to pay attention to your opponent's stats and use the following logic:

Each ingredient you choose will increase both a flavor stat and also a texture stat, and there is a limited supply of each ingredient!

Note that the attacking stat must be at least equal to the defending stat to actually beat it.

For example, if a Knight has a score of Sour 2,the opponent must have at least Savory 2 to beat it.

Each stat you beat will award you 1 point ! But be careful, the opponent will also score 1 point by beating one of your stats. At the end, if you scored more points than your opponent, you win!

Be careful, in case of a draw, you lose!

Have fun at the festival!


Programming: Kyrio | Twitter

Game Design: NoTruche | Instagram


Music & SFX: Zachary Pinkham | Website | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsKyrio, Llinguet, Pekolio, Zachary Pinkham, Notruche
TagsLudum Dare 52
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Flavors of Victory 41 MB


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it was challenging and a bit hard but then i looked at the description and then it was a bit easier  :) it reminds me of rock paper scissors but better :p

This is such a fun and super cute game haha, I had so much fun creating new flavour fighters to beat my opponents~